Earlier we saw few budget smartphones in works with Lenovo A5s. Now we have another budget phablet is all making a comeback with the new Lenovo PHAB 3. As per FCC listing, the alleged Lenovo PHAB 3 is Portable Tablet computer with larger screen size.

Lenovo PHAB 3

As per the listing, the new Lenovo PHAB 3 is listed as Lenovo PB-6505M/C which has been certified by FCC recently. It comes with support for Dual Band Wifi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE. Sadly, the device will still have the same old 5V @2A charger and no support for fast charging.

Lenovo PHAB 3

The Lenovo PHAB 3 measures 178 x 86 mm, 198 mm diagonally and is expected to have larger 5180 mAh battery. We also got the image showing the back of the device. As per the image, we can see the new Lenovo PHAB 3 which is made out of metal and features a single rear camera and fingerprint scanner below it. The device will also come with Dolby Atmos support as we can see the branding on the bottom of the device.