Huawei P30 Pro

Earlier we saw Huawei launch the world’s first triple camera smartphone with Huawei P20 Pro last year which has become a trendsetter and we saw many other brands following the same this year. Now we have new rumors coming in directly from China which claims that Huawei is working on liquid lens camera technology.

As per the source, Huawei is currently developing the triple rear camera with RGB sensor, a monochrome sensor and TOF sensor using liquid lens technology as the lens had liquid inside. The camera will be aligned vertically as per the source.

Liquid Lens technology

So what is liquid lens technology? The new liquid lens technology was discovered long back by French physicist Bruno Berge. As the name suggests Liquid Lens the new sensor will use liquid instead of mechanical or software help to change the focus. The liquid will be mixture of oil and water which changes the shaped when charged.

With the help of the liquid lens technology one can save more space as it is smaller in size when compared with current sensor, provides longer zoom range by just changing the voltage of the charge which further determines the shape of the liquid. It no longer need moving parts and is also comes with faster focusing capabilities.

Further, the source claims that the new liquid lens technology will make its debut on Huawei Mate 30 Pro series and not on the upcoming Huawei P30 Pro as it is still under developing phase and might take a lot of time to implement the feature.