Intel the top chip-maker for PC and desktops has now launched the 9th Gen Intel Core processor in CES 2019. As expected this year Intel has introduced the new 9th Gen processor which are still built on the same 14nm Coffee Lake microarchitecture.

The new 9th Gen Intel processor includes i3-9350KF, i5-9400F, i5-9400, i5-9600KF, i7-9700KF, i9-9900KF. The top-end variant is with Intel Core i9-9900KF which is an octa-core processor having the same config as the original with Intel Core i9-9900K.

Intel 9th Gen Processor

All the processor are having almost same specs as the predecessor but ships with overclocked speed. The new Intel Core i3-9350KF comes with Quad-core processor with a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and 4.6GHz turbo frequency whereas the i5-9350KF is Octa-core processor with a base frequency of 2.6GHz and 4.6GHz turbo frequency.

Further, the new CPU with suffix F doesn’t ship with Intel UHD Graphics. Sadly, there is no major improvement on the new 9th Gen CPU’s and has almost the same features as the predecessor.