Samsung Galaxy X/ Foldable smartphone concept

Samsung is all set to unveil the first foldable smartphone which is rumored to be called the Samsung Galaxy F later next year. Earlier we had got the firmware number along with few more details about the foldable smartphone leaked.

Samsung Galaxy X/ Foldable smartphone concept

Now as per the reports from Korea, Samsung has finally confirmed the display specs for its foldable smartphone. Samsung is currently confused about whether to add an external display on the foldable smartphone which will enable users to get the information without unfolding the device but will make the smartphone little thickerĀ and would require the larger battery to power-up the display.

Now Samsung has confirmed that it will add the external display to its foldable smartphone. As per the reports, the alleged Samsung foldable smartphone will sport 7.3 inches internal OLED display and 4.6 inches external OLED display or when folded back. With the help of hinge, the internal display can be folded with a slightly thinner gap between the two displays. Further, the reports also claim that the parts of the Samsung Galaxy F aka foldable smartphone has hit mass production earlier this month.



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