Earlier we had few reports which claimed that HTC is planning to ditch the successor of HTC U12+ with HTC U13+ and will instead launch a mid-range device and something else. Now HTC has officially denied the statement and said that they will launch the new HTC U13+ later next year.

HTC U12+

As per the source, HTC confirmed that HTC U13+ will be officially launched later next year. The main highlight of the HTC U13+ will be the 5G network support.  Further, HTC said that they are keen to work on devices specially made for the next gen of communication along with AI, Block Chain and other technologies in the future.

So rejoice HTC fans, finally, the new HTC U13+ will officially launching next year after all. There are rumors of the HTC U13+ might arrive with 5G support but its too early to comment on it.