Earlier we had few rumors about Samsung working on the new 7nm process chipset for the flagships. Today Samsung has officially announced that the new 7nm has entered production after that will start wafer production of 7nm LPP (low Power Plus) process.

Samsung EUV Line

The new 7nm LPP is manufactured using the latest EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography) technique which none of the other Chipset manufacturers ever made as they have found difficult to make chipset using this technique. With the introduction of 7nm LPP process, it provides a way to develop the upcoming 3nm chipset. The new 7nm LPP chipset will bring some of the new capabilities for industries like 5G, AI, IoT, Automotive, and Networking.

The new 7nm LPP uses ArF(Argon Fluoride) immersion tech which covers only 193nm wavelength with the help of expensive multi-patterning mask sets. The new EUV we can complete a single mask to create a silicon wafer layer where ArF can require up to 4 masks to create that same layer. The new 7nm LPP will further improve 40% increase in area efficiency along with 20% higher performance and 50% lower power consumption when compared with Exynos 9810 10nm FinFET process.