LG & Samsung Dual display aptent

LG has launched the second flagship for 2018 with LG V40 ThinQ, during the event LG had revealed few details for the upcoming foldable smartphone. Earlier we had a few rumors about Samsung to unveil the first foldable smartphone later next year.

Samsung Foldable display

As per the source, LG had confirmed they are working on a foldable smartphone from past few years but are not aiming to become the first to launch. Instead, LG wants to create something different that end-user actually needs. Apart from this, LG has not revealed anything much about the foldable smartphone.

Anyway, LG has already applied many patents for the foldable smartphone and doesn’t want to compete with Samsung for the world’s first foldable phone title¬†anymore. So we have to wait longer for the most innovative foldable smartphone.