Earlier we had spotted the new Snapdragon 8150 on Bluetooth SIG which revealed some of the details about the device. The new Snapdragon 8150 SoC will be the top end chipset from Qualcomm that will be powering major flagships next year.

As per the source, Qualcomm will launch two chipsets this year with Snapdragon 8150 SoC for mobile devices and Snapdragon 8180 SoC for Laptops which is codenamed as SCX8180 which was even leaked earlier. Earlier the Snapdragon 8150 SoC was called as SD855 SoC which is the successor to the present SD845 SoC.

Snapdragon 8150

The new Snapdragon 8150 SoC will come with four low power cores and remaining high power cores which uses re-matched cores which are internally called Gold and Silver cores. The Silver Cores are low power cores with a clock speed of 1.7 GHz whereas the Gold core is clocked at 2.6 GHz. Do note that these clock speeds are for an initial lot of Snapdragon 8150 SoC and might be changed when it goes official.

The Snapdragon 8150 SoC will also come with dedicated NPU as per previous leaks along with integrated Graphics which is clocked at 650 Mhz but details are still not available. As per the source, the Snapdragon 8150 SoC is built on a 7nm process and measures 12.4×12.4 mm. The source also mentions the price of the new Snapdragon 8150 SoC which cost $53 (Rs.4000/-) in the US.