Xiaomi is all set to unveil the new Mi Mix 3 and another surprise all-display smartphone which was leaked earlier with Xiaomi LEX. Earlier we saw Samsung adding a dedicated button for the Bixby which made its debut from Samsung Galaxy S8 and is still available on most of its flagships. Now Xiaomi is following the same and is expected to launch a dedicated AI button on upcoming Xiaomi LEX and Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi Xiao AI

Xiaomi launched their new AI with Xiao AI which came pre-loaded with Mi Mix 2S earlier this year. The new Xiao AI is exclusive to China and with new Mi Mix 3 & Xiaomi LEX, we can expect it to arrive with a dedicated button.

As per the source, the new Xiaomi LEX and Mi Mix 3 will have dedicated button for the Xiao AI which launches on the single press and will have the option to launch other apps by double pressing the button which was missing on Samsung devices.