Nokia is all set to launch the new Penta-lens camera with Nokia 9 and we also have the cheapest SD710 SoC powered Nokia X7 in works. Earlier we had got series of leaks showing the rear view fo the upcoming Nokia 9 and we also got the display assembly of the Nokia X7 leaked. Today we have few more images leaked showing the display panel of the Nokia X7 and Nokia 9.

Nokia 9

As per the source, the leaked Nokia 9 display panel shows that it would not arrive with display notch after all. As per the image, the new Nokia 9 will have slimmer side bezels along with slightly thicker top which carries the sensor, Nokia branding, earpiece, and selfie camera. We have slightly thinner bezels on the chin portion of the device.

Nokia X7

Probably, the new Nokia 9 might sport 18:9 aspect ratio display but still we have no idea about the resolution of the display. Anyway, the second image shows the display assembly of the mid-range smartphone Nokia X7. Earlier we have series of rumors of Nokia X7 to feature the Nokia X6 like display with a notch. But with this leak, the new Nokia X7 will instead ship with 18:9 aspect ratio display with a thicker top and bottom bezels.