We all are waiting for the new technology trend which is still under development phase with the flexible display or foldable smartphones. Earlier we had various leaks and rumors about brands like Samsung, Huawei, LG, And Xiaomi working on the new tech. Now we have one of the smartphone company Lenovo already made it possible with their new flexible smartphone.

Lenovo Flexible Phone

As per the 10s video leaked by the company, we can see the new Lenovo Flexible smartphone prototype which has been re-uploaded on YouTube. The video shows the new Lenovo Flexible smartphone can bend to a certain angle with the help of the hinge. It features a slim frame and is elongated build.

The new Lenovo Flexible smartphone sports 19:3 aspect ratio display but we are not sure whether it is LCD or OLED display at the moment. The post further mentions that the new Lenovo Flexible smartphone will be official next month. Apart from this, nothing much about the device is leaked.