Apple Media invite

Apple is all set to unveil the new iPhone in less than two days and we are flooded with a series of leaks and rumors about the new iPhones. Earlier we had got the pricing and confirmed names of the upcoming iPhones. Today, we have a new report which claims that the earlier called iPhone XC will be called as iPhone Xr.

As per Bloomberg, Apple cheaper iPhone with 6.1 inches LCD display will now be called as iPhone Xr. As per the source, the device will be called iPhone Xr because iPhone Xs comes before iPhone Xr.

iPhone XC

Anyway, the report further claims that the new iPhone Xc or Xr will initially be available in limited quantities. The limited quantities are due to the production issues which Apple faced initially due to the manufacturing of LCD displays.

Apple also faced many issues like attaching backlight on the LCD display due to which the device will be available initially for limited quantities. The report also states that the iPhone Xr will be priced somewhere between $699 (Rs.50,650/-) to $749 (Rs.54,300/-).