SD670 SoC

Qualcomm has now announced the successor to last year SD660 SoC with SD670 SoC. The new SD670 SoC is less powerful than the recently launched SD710 SoC. We are surprised with this move as Qualcomm is still launching the SD600 series chipset as we already have SD700 series.

The new SD670 SoC comes with almost similar specs as the SD710 SoC with same Octa Core CPU having the same configuration with two performance cores based on Cortex A75 and six power-efficient cores are based on Cortex A55 with Kyro 360. The only variation is in clock speed the new SD670 SoC performance cores are clocked at 2.0 GHz and six power efficient cores at 1.7GHz.

As per Qualcomm, the new SD670 SoC performance is 25% better than the SD660 SoC. The new SD670 SoC is built on the 10nm node which is the plus point of the chipset which consumes low power. The new SD670 SoC is coupled with new Adreno 615 GPU for which there are no details at the moment.

SD670 SoC

The new SD670 features Spectra 250 ISP which is same as SD710 but due to lower clock speed, the chipset can handle the 25MP single camera or 16MP Dual cameras. The SD670 SoC still features the same Snapdragon X12 LTE modem one found on SD660 SoC and will not have support for QHD+ display and HDR recording.

The SD670 SoC will be the first chipset under SD600 series to come with built-in AI Engine which made its debut with SD710 SoC. Qualcomm SD670 SoC is already available to OEM and we can expect many mid-range devices with SD670 SoC making their ways to the markets in coming weeks.