Nokia X5

Nokia earlier launched the Nokia X6 exclusive to China and later launched Global variant under Android One with Nokia 6.1 Plus. Later Nokia introduced the cheaper variant with Nokia X5 in China and the same is going to launch globally as Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Nokia 5.1 Plus Global

Now the Global variant of Nokia X5 has recently received the Bluetooth certification and is listed as TA-1108, TA-1120, TA-1112, TA-1102, and TA-1105 which are probably the different variants of the device which were also spotted in Russia and Taiwan NCC. As per the listing, the Nokia X5 aka Nokia 5.1 Plus has certified with Bluetooth 4.2.

As per the new listing, we can expect the new Nokia X5 aka Nokia 5.1 Plus is expected to launch first in India, Indonesia, and Taiwan.