Earlier we had got a series of leaks and live images showing the dummy unit of the upcoming 2018 iPhone. Today, we have a new hands-on video leaked which share us the name along with the complete design of the 2018 iPhones.

As per the leaked video, the new iPhones will be called as iPhone XS Plus for the larger 6.5 inches OLED variant, iPhone XS for the regular or successor to iPhone X and 6.1 inches LCD variant will be called iPhone (2018).

2018 iPhone

The new iPhone XS and XS Plus looks similar in terms of design but only vary in terms of screen size one with 6.5 inches other with lower 5.8 inches. Whereas the new iPhone (2018) looks like the iPhone 8 with iPhone X display. Sadly, there are no much details leaked about the devices.

The upcoming Apple iPhones 2018 will carry the same design as the predecessor and there will be no major design changes done on this year line-up.