Earlier we had a few rumors about Samsung working on dedicated GPU and is planning to introduce on budget smartphones. Now Samsung has hired a top person to guide the Guide their GPU team with Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, who is also known CP among friends.

Dr. Chien-Ping Lu is ex-NVIDIA employee and has also worked with MediaTek for their GPU’s. Dr. Chien-Ping Lu or CP has worked on NVIDIA nForce chipsets which came with inbuilt GPU after that Mr. CP moved to MediaTek and signed a project for dedicated GPU which got shelved due to unknown reasons.

Chien-Ping Lu

Now Samsung has hired the Dr. Chien-Ping Lu or CP for its upcoming SGPU Project or Samsung GPU. As per the source, Samsung is busy developing the GPU in San Jose and Austin. The upcoming GPU will have an innovative design and will provide top-notch performance.

Initially, the new GPU design was started at Samsung Suwon facilities which were for investigation foe VLIW design which can process a large amount of data in a shorter period of time. Anyway, the Mr. CP has already had many patents and also VP at NovuMind which develops AI chips.