Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung is all set to launch its first innovative foldable smartphone as early as Jan 2019 as per rumors. In the past, we also got a series of patents been filed by Samsung for the foldable display tech. today we have another new patent which reveals the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X aka foldable smartphone.

Samsung has now filed a new patent with a title Bendable user terminal device and displaying thereof nothing but foldable smartphone which was published on July 5 at USPTO & WIPO website and was first applied on March 2018.

As per the patent, Samsung upcoming foldable smartphone aka Samsung Galaxy X will act as the clamshell smartphone which comes with invisible leaf spring and bends sensor that folds 40% of the device-screen able to use once folded and act as full screen once unfolded. With the help of a bend sensor, one can detect the bend angle, speed, state and even time.

One can apply pressure on the rear of the device which will make the display to bend a little and when there is no finger present on the back then it will automatically open up completely. One can activate the touch screen based on the pressure applied and also can be deactivated simultaneously.

Once the device is completely unfolded it displays all the apps on the start screen and once clicked on this window it opens up quick view window which will be slightly enlarged on the start screen and if user folds the device it takes the upper part of the display. Sounds like the concept is great but have to wait how would the actual device work as it is difficult to achieve such a device at the moment.