Samsung Galaxy X

Earlier we had few rumors about Samsung will finally unveil their first foldable smartphone as early as Jan 2019. Now we have a new report from The Wall Street Journal which confirms the Jan 2019 launch.

As per the reports, the upcoming Samsung’s foldable smartphone will feature a 7.0 inches display and can be folded into a wallet like the design when fully folded the external sides feature small display bar. The reports further state that Samsung will launch the first foldable smartphone at CES 2019 held in Las Vegas.

Samsung Foldable display

The device is also expected to have multiple cameras as per the reports. As per the source, the Samsung Foldable smartphone might cost above $1500 (Rs.1,02,000/-). The reason behind the high price is that the device will be made in limited quantities. As per reports, Samsung has codenamed the foldable smartphone as Winner and based on the device sales will plan to launch a few more devices later in Q2 of 2019.

Apart from that, we also got another report which claims that Samsung might launch the Bixby speaker on Aug 9. The Bixby Smart Speaker is all set to debut along with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as per the report.

Google Home

As per the Wall Street, Samsung is planning to introduce the Bixby Smart Speaker by mid-August and there are no details whether it will launch along with Samsung Galaxy Note 9. As per the source, the Bixby Smart Speaker is expected to cost above $300. With that huge pricing, it competes with Apple HomePod and Google Home which cost lesser than Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker.

As per the source, the device will feature bowl shape along with legs at the bottom and lights above it. The Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker is codenamed as Lux internally. The device will be marketed as a premium smart speaker and will have features like sound shifting which changes the sound direction and will target the person location with the help of Bixby command.