Razer Phone

Razer the popular gaming brand unveiled its first gaming smartphone with Razer Phone in Nov last year. Now we have news about Razer planning to bring the Razer Phone to India after 8 months from the US launch.

Razer Phone

As per the tweet by Mr. Phone along with Anuj Sharma who tweeted that the Razer Phone USB Type-C to 3.5 mm audio port bundled within the package does come with 24-bit DAC support for better audio output to which Ershad Kaleebullah replied saying that we need the Razer Phone in India.


For a surprise, the Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan replied with a tweet saying that they are working to launch the Razer Phone in India. So we can expect the new Razer Phone soon hitting Indian shores but still, there are no details about the launch date. Anyway, with Asus planning to introduce the Asus ROG Phone in India by Q3 as per reports, we can expect the gaming phone battle has already started in India.