Google PixelBook

Earlier Evan Blass stated that Google will launch the successor of last year PixelBook this fall along with Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL. Now we have spotted the codename Atlas as per Chromium Gerrit it might be the new Chromebook.

As per the Chromium Gerrit commits the device Atlas might be the upcoming Chromebook which would run on Chrome OS and will have a laptop like form-factor. Further, the code also suggests that the device will come with RAM up to 8GB which might be the top-end model.

Google PixelBook

As per the source, the Atlas will also sport 4K display which currently only Chrome OS support. With all these specs we expect it to be the upcoming Google PixelBook 2. Apart from that, two new names with ‘Nocturne’ and ‘Poppy’ were also leaked from the commits which turned out to be the detachable keyboard.

So with this leaks, we can expect the upcoming Pixelbook 2 will be standard convertible laptops with a detachable keyboard. Anyway, we have to wait until Oct 2018 where Google will finally launch their new lineup.