LG V35 ThinQ & LG V35+ThinQ

After launching the second flagship with LG V35 earlier this year, LG is planning to introduce the higher variant of the device with LG V35 Signature Edition. LG had also launched the LG V30 Signature Edition last year which turned out to be premium flagship smartphone which was priced at $1800.

LG V35 Signature Edition

Now as per reports, LG upcoming Signature Edition will be called as LG V35 Signature Edition but not sure whether it will include the ThinQ branding. The new LG V35 Signature Edition is rumored to cost similar to predecessor with $1800 and will have just 300 units which will never go to stores and will be reserved through pre-orders.

The new ultra-premium LG V35 Signature Edition is expected to come with the scratch resistant body which will be made out of ceramic as predecessor came with Zirconium Ceramic rear plate. The device will have 6GB RAM along with 256GB internal storage and an option to expand the storage up to 256GB via microSD card.

The LG V35 Signature Edition will also get some exclusive LG after-sale service which will be part of the luxury smartphone. LG V35 Signature Edition is expected to launch by August 2018.