Apple iPhone X Plus or Apple iPhone 2018 6.5 inches

Earlier we had a few rumors about Apple planning to introduce the Dual SIM support. Today we have a new leak which claims the 2018 iPhones will no longer come with SIM card slots.

As per the source, Apple will replace the traditional SIM card tray with eSIM card Chip on the phone motherboard. The new addition of eSIM will get more flexibility for users as they can directly shift to other carriers without the need to purchase the other carrier SIM card.

Apple has introduced the eSIM feature on the 2014 iPad and is looking to expand to smartphones this year. Users will now able to shift to another service provider with the help of eSIM without the need to change the SIM.

Cheaper 2018 iPhone

The new eSIM functionality will make the US-based carriers more nervous as Apple might launch all the three 2018 iPhones with eSIM over the physical SIM card tray. Apple has already signed the deal with ST Microelectronics for eSIM chips which will be attached to phones motherboard.