Samsung Foldable display

Samsung has files series of patents for the upcoming foldable smartphone in the past which is soon to become a reality as Samsung might start mass production of the foldable display by this summer.

According to ET News, Samsung has already planned a separate production line at its OLED manufacturing plant in South Korea which is might used for the production of foldable displays from this summer. As per the source, Samsung upcoming foldable smartphone might sport 7.0 or 8.0 inches display.

Samsung Foldable display

As it is difficult to manufacture the foldable display currently which might delay the launch and if all goes as per plan Samsung will start mass production by end of 2018. As per the source, Samsung is planning to produce nearly 1 million foldable display.

Sadly, Samsung has not yet decided about the design aspect for the foldable smartphone and is still confused about how to make the foldable display more useful as if it plans to fold the display by half users won’t able to access the other part as they need to unfold the display. As per the source, Samsung is planning to manufacture a display which folds two-third of the display.