Samsung Foldable smartphone

Samsung has filed numerous patents for the upcoming foldable display tech in the past and everyone eye is on Samsung for something innovative which was earlier rumored to be called the Galaxy X. Earlier we also got few rumors about the alleged foldable smartphone might cost a bomb of $2000. Today we finally got the first set of live images of the canceled Samsung Foldable smartphone from 2015.

As per the live images, we can see another ZTE Axon M like Dual display smartphone but will have a single selfie camera on the main screen and nothing on the secondary screen. Both the display can be folded to act as smartphone and when opened act as Dual screen side by side similar to ZTE Axon M.

The other images further show off the bottom of the device and are seriously thick when folded and might be even heavy thanks to Dual display. The alleged Samsung Foldable smartphone looks like a prototype and comes with thicker bezels with traditional 16:9 aspect ratio display as it was from 2015 when there was no 18:9 aspect ratio displays.

The design too looks like old Samsung Galaxy design which we saw on A-series a few years back with rectangular shaped and sharp edges and is made out of metal. On the front, we have the selfie camera with LED flash and earpiece above the display and we have a physical home button which doubles up as fingerprint scanner along with back and menu keys.

Sadly there are no images showing the rear of the device and probably the selfie camera itself acts as a rear camera too when folded. On the bottom of the device, we have the speaker mesh, USB Type-C port and 3.5 mm audio port. On the top, we have a large tray for inserting the Dual SIM card or Single SIM card slot and microSD card slot. One of the images also shows the model number of the alleged Samsung Foldable smartphone which is Samsung SM-G929F and was rumored to come under ditched Project V.

So did you expected that Samsung will launch such a device as foldable smartphone and would you like to pay whopping $2000 for the device if it was launched in 2015? Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.