Google Maps new update

Earlier Google had updated the Google maps which provided the new ways to experience the city by showing the nearby hotspots like best spots to eat, drink, and play based on the things you’re into. Now Google is updating these features to all Google Maps users.

The redesigned Explore tab gives you quick recommendations for restaurants, bars, and cafes in any area you’re interested in. Whether you’re staying local or planning a trip, you can always find the perfect spot no matter where you are in the world.

Google Maps new update

  • Find the best burger in town or track the top brunch spots in the city with trending lists from local experts and Google’s algorithms
  • Indulge your inner foodie on Android by automatically keeping track of your progress against any of the restaurants featured in the trending lists. So if you’re on a mission to try the 10 best tacos in your area and you’ve only tried 5, Google Maps will note that for you so you can get to the tacos pronto.
  • Know what’s going on. On Android, the new Explore tab now surfaces the top events and activities happening in your area. You can see photos, descriptions, and filter by categories like “good for kids,” “cheap” or “indoor or outdoor” so you can find just the right activity to fit your mood.

The new Explore tab is now available to all Android and iOS users globally.


Google Maps new update

  • Make plans faster. If you have Location History turned on, each restaurant or bar now features “Your match,” a numeric rating that tells you how likely you are to enjoy a place based on your own preferences—so you can save time scrolling through lists of reviews and quickly make a decision about where to go.
  • Tell Google Maps about your food and drink preferences so it can surface better dining recommendations as you eat your way around town (to do this, go to your Settings to select the types of cuisines and restaurants you like, along with what you’re not so into)

To start exploring, update your Google Maps app from the App Store or Play Store today.