With the legal battle between two tech giants, the Apple and Qualcomm for using patents we now have a bad news for chip giant as iPhone maker are all set to launch upcoming devices fueled with Intel-made modems.

Yes, you heard it right, Apple will no longer depend upon Qualcomm to make a dedicated variant of modems for its iPhone starting from 2018 iPhones and will be using Intel’s new cellular modem chips. Intel, on the other hand, has already begun mass-production of new Intel XMM 7560 chips for the upcoming 2018 iPhones.



The new modem XMM 7560 from Intel are already equipped with support for 5G networks and has already gained 1Gbps download speed during the test. Noth just that the new upcoming Intel XMM 7560 chip will support both CDMA and GSM networks and will no longer need to make two different variants of modems.

Despite Intel mass-manufacturing, the XMM 7560 modem Qualcomm will still continue to provide the modems for iPhone’s this year but has now reduced to 30% when compared with the previous year and Intel will supply remaining 70% of the modems. So Apple has taken a revenge to Qualcomm with joining hands with a competitor Intel so we have to wait for Qualcomm take on this.