Samsung Foldable display

Earlier we have seen many patents filed by Samsung for its upcoming foldable smartphone and today we have not one but two new patents filed for the foldable smartphone other for the transparent display.

The first patent is filed with USPTO under patent file number US009959030 which is for the foldable display which is probably for the upcoming foldable smartphone. The new patent for the foldable display reveals two new sensors with grip sensor and deformation sensor. The Grip sensor detects when and where the user has gripped the device whereas the deformation sensor provides how and when the user folds the device.

As per leaked images, we can see that Samsung has made the UI compatible to automatically display the icons when folded back or enlarged. The other patent is for the transparent display which we already saw with Samsung showing off their transparent TV in the past. With the help of this new transparent display patent for specific AR apps, there will be no need for the camera as its elements of the device will be placed on the portion of the display.