Lenovo Z5

After teasing the design of the full-screen smartphone the Lenovo Z5 without a notch, now Lenovo VP Chang Cheng has teased some of the camera samples shot on Lenovo Z5.

As per the post on Weibo, we can see the two images shot on Lenovo Z5 with a watermark Lenovo Z5 AI Dual Camera which confirms that the upcoming all-display smartphone will feature Dual camera setup with AI support to further enhance the shot images.

Lenovo VP has shared two outdoor shots taken from Lenovo Z5 during evening time reveals that camera does a great job with sharp and detailed images. Seems like Lenovo has worked a lot on camera on the Lenovo Z5 to get best shots during low-lighting condition. We have compressed the images here but if you want the original file then go check out the source link shared at the end of the post.

Anyway, Lenovo is all set to launch their first bezel-less smartphone with Lenovo Z5 next month on June 12 in China.