Android P

With Google unveiling their next iteration of Android with Android P at Google I/O earlier this month we have got some cool features and some iPhone X like gestures support on the new Android P.

With that, we also got the latest Developer Preview 2 version released which brought some improvements and lot of new features. With the new version of Android P has revealed the design of the upcoming Pixel 3 series. As per the screenshot showing the settings panel under Gesture features which shows the demo of how to use the feature has now revealed probably the Pixel 3 design.

As per the image, we can see that the probably the Pixel 3 featuring all-display or bezel-less display without notch being shown under preventing the phone from ringing by pressing Volume up & power button together which are located towards the right of the device. Another screenshot shows the gesture of launching the multitasking tray in the Home screen which gives us a hint that the new Pixel 3 might feature Full-screen design without notch this time.