Lenovo Full-Screen display

Earlier Lenovo VP Cheng has shared a couple of teaser showing the full-screen smartphone the Lenovo Z5. We also got to know that the device is all set to launch on June 12.

Today, we have a new teaser shared by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng on Weibo page but not image of the device instead shared that it could come with massive 4TB storage space. Which sounds weird as who will need that much of storage space on a mobile phone and probably we already have a smartphone launched in China with 1TB storage space with Smartisan R1.

Lenovo Z5

Anyway, as per the teaser, the Lenovo Z5 can store nearly 1 million photos or 15,000 lossless audio files. We could hardly find any smartphone coming with such huge storage space as we can find smartphone launching up to 256GB storage space but with this, we might see huge competition in the future for more storage space on the smartphone.