Earlier we had many rumors about Qualcomm, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei are working on next-gen telecom with 5G and we also got rumors of Apple planning to launch its first 5G iPhone as early as next year. Now we have a official news from Qualcomm which claims that 5G smartphone will arrive by end of this year.

As per Qualcomm Senior VP Durga Prasad told that first 5G smartphone will be arriving by 2018 with a base speed of 4Gbps. This is conceivable most likely in light of the fact that the 5G non-autonomous systems administration standard has been deserted in December 2017 and will be providing better LTE network coverage which is VoLTE which will be the main highlight of 5G.


Qualcomm further mentions that the smartphone will have support for Global 5G networks with bands ranging from low-frequencies at 600 MHz, medium frequencies 2.5-4.9 GHz and milli-wave frequencies ranging between 28/39GHz with a max speed of 4Gbps. The first 5G phone will be flagship smartphone and soon Qualcomm will bring the 5G feature smartphones to mid-range and budget segments.

Qualcomm further claims that 5G will no longer to be restricted just for smartphone and will be launching many Notebooks and tablets with 5G support in coming days.