Xiaomi Mi 7

Xiaomi recently launched the new updated version of Mi Mix 2 with Mi Mix 2S in China which had all new AI cameras and some cool camera features.Now Xiaomi upcoming Mi 7 is rumored to come with 3D front-facing camera.

With Apple launching the next big tech with FaceID which uses the 3D camera on the front to detect the face and unlock the device.Now Xiaomi is planning its own version of Face unlocking feature with structured light based 3D camera on the front.As per rumors, the new 3D camera will able to create depth maps of the images.

Xiaomi Mi 7

If the new rumors turn out to be true then Xiaomi will become the first Android smartphone brand to add hardware capable face unlocking feature.Due to high making cost for 3D sensors, Android OEM is staying away from implementing such tech.

This, not the first time we are getting rumors of Xiaomi including the 3D camera on the Mi 7 earlier we had few rumors about it and also we got rumors of Xiaomi next flagship to come with new OLED displays.The Mi 7 will also support wireless charging and is now rumored to launch in June.