Digital India campaign was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the objective to make digital services accessible to every citizen. But then, with the benefits and advantages of digital revolution also come the threat and scare of the data breach. People, in general, are not aware of the extent and expanse of the issue, and so is the existing law structure. Raising awareness around the issue, SYGITECH, a tech solutions startup has launched extensive campaign #DataSafe for data security.

A signature petition, addressed to the IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, seeking strict data security laws is life and attracting public support. Here’s the link to the petition:

Public Awareness:

#DataSafe Govt

The IT firm will conduct a series of workshops in educational institutions, RWAs, and corporates to make the public aware of risks involved and measures that they can take to safeguard their data online. The workshops will give an insight into the weak points and platforms wherefrom personal data gets leaked, and how people can ensure the safety of their private information. Being unaware of the nuances of data breach and social media settings, the public at large misses out on putting those checks in place, and hence, is susceptible to undue exposure.

Talking about the public awareness campaign, CEO Aniruddh Singh said, “It’s quite shocking to see that despite the whole Facebook fiasco, most people still think that the things they post online and their data on social media has no value and there is no point keeping it safe or worrying about it. Little do they understand the magnanimity of this impending danger to their data getting leaked. We intend to create an awareness about the risks involved and precautionary measures that can be taken to safeguard the data.”

Urging the Government:

SYGITECH is also launching a signature campaign asking the government of India to introduce stringent laws towards data breach and safeguard of online public data. While on one side, government bodies like Election Commission of India and other ministries are collaborating with tech and global IT giants so as to raise awareness about various social campaigns and raising support for business & economic state of India, the same companies can pose serious threats to national security, if provided with a free access.

“Allegations are that Russia played a crucial role in influencing the opinion during the recent US elections. Though the issue remains unproven as yet, the threat can’t be ignored and declined completely. Cookies are rampantly being used by eCommerce platforms to target and increase the sale. People are being influenced to buy things. Same can easily be mapped to the election campaigns and a substantial population can be made to drift. That’s not a fair practice.”

The petition addressed to the Minister of Electronics & IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad seeks stringent law and regulation towards data security and also asks for strict punishment and penalties for breach practices or incidents. The petition also demands inland data storage servers and promotion of indigenous social platforms like Roposo, Mooshak, and TheCollegeFever by the government.

Through the #DataSafe campaign, SYGITECH is also seeking the support of industry stalwarts and IT thinktanks. SYGITECH team has appealed to the Indian IT industry to come together and join the cause. In view of the recent data breach news coming from various corners and confessions of global giants on leaks, the campaign is garnering much attention.