RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Earlier we had few rumors of Apple launching not two but three new iPhones this year.Today we have got new rumors that Apple is planning to ditch the 3D touch functionality on the low-cost LCD display iPhone.

As per popular Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple upcoming 6.1 inches LCD display iPhone will not come with 3D touch feature as it will increase the cost of the device.As per Kuo, Apple will instead replace with Cover Glass Sensor Technology to the new 6.1 inches LCD display iPhone.

Apple iPhone 2018

The new Cover Glass Sensor is nothing but glass which makes the device more shock resistant and makes display lighter.Apple will also add an additional touch film sensor with CGS.We are still not sure about what is the use of the touch film sensor layer. Due to additional touch film sensor on the display will increase the cost from $23 to $26 due to this Apple is thinking of ditching the 3D touch feature so that it can differentiate the low-cost iPhones with the premium line-up.

The other two models will retain the 3D Touch functionality.With new CGS Glass Apple might ditch the 3D Touch completely or is planning to introduce a new feature which enables gesture-based or touchless controls as per earlier rumors.