Apple iPhone 2018

Earlier we had reports claiming that Apple has partnered with TSMC to work on their next chipset powering the upcoming Apple iPhone 9, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus.Now we have a report claiming that we can see the new 7nm process chipset as early as this year.

TSMC has already started the production of 7nm based Apple A12 SoC last year and is expected to make its debut with upcoming Apple iPhone 9, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus as per DigiTimes.


Earlier we also had some news of Samsung achieving its target of 7nm chipset based on EUV earlier than expected but will be made available only in 2019 SD855 which will be powering the Samsung Galaxy S10.There were also reports of Samsung might launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with new 8nm based on an EUV process which is much more powerful than traditional TSMC 7nm based SoC as per the report.

We can expect Apple to move back to Samsung for the A13 SoC as they have much more advanced than TSMC chipset.With achieving the 7nm process sooner TSMC has earned much more profit this year due to Apple A12 SoC.