Sony Xperia Z4 Tab

Sony is all set to renter into Tablet market after a period of two years, their last tablet was launched in 2015.Now we have leak claiming that Sony is making a comeback with not one but two new tablets.

Cam_core_eye_position_tutorial_port_ Tablet_8inch_icn.Png
Cam_core_eye_position_tutorial_port_ Tablet_10inch_icn.Png
Cam_core_eye_position_tutorial_ Tablet_8inch_icn.Png
Cam_core_eye_position_tutorial_ Tablet_10inch_icn.Png
Cam_core_fast_switch_tutorial_port_ Tablet_8inch_icn.Png
Cam_core_fast_switch_tutorial_port_ Tablet_10inch_icn.Png
Cam_core_fast_switch_tutorial_tablet_ 8Inch_icn.Png
Cam_core_fast_switch_tutorial_tablet_ 10Inch_icn.Png

As per Sony Camera APK teardown, revealed that Sony will launch two new tablets under the Sony Xperia XZ2 Tablet lineup.From the APK teardown, we have received some of the references which claim that Sony will launch the Sony Xperia XZ2 Tablet in two different screen sizes with 8.0 inches and 10.0 inches.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tab

As per leaks, both the tablets will be launched alongside with their next flagship smartphone Sony Xperia XZ2 Pro this Summer.So probably Samsung and Apple have finally got one more new competitor with Sony launching the tablets this year.

We can expect both of the tablets might be powered by top of the line chipset with SD845 SoC and will also come with 4G LTE support.