With brands like Samsung, Huawei, LG, ZTE and many other working on the next big trend in a smartphone with foldable smartphones, now we have some new rumors which claim that Apple has already begun working on the first foldable iPhone.

Earlier we had few reports, that Apple has partnered with LG to develop the foldable display for iPhone. Now as per the analyst Merrill Lynch, Apple is no longer working with LG and is collaborating with third-party manufacturers for the foldable display.

Merrill Lynch

With many brands trying hard to make the foldable display happen which need many other parts like IC and other components to be flexible without that it is not possible to develop foldable smartphone which might even take many years to develop.

Now as per the Merrill Lynch, Apple foldable iPhone will reach the mass production by 2020.Earlier we also had reports of Apple is trying to develop the microLED display on their own and if it is true we can expect foldable iPhone to feature such display as it requires a display with independent pixels.