Samsung Sliding Display

After series of the patent filing for the rumoured foldable smartphone, now Samsung has filed a new patent but not for a foldable smartphone for sliding display.As per new listing on UPSTO reveals that Samsung might be working on Sliding display tech.

The patent has been applied in Feb 2016 and is recently published on UPSTO website on Jan 30, 2018.The new patent reveals that the new sliding display will also come with a hidden keyboard which we never saw on a smartphone.

The smartphone will have the primary display at the front and above the primary display, we have another display which slides out to get a larger display without the need of flipping the phone to landscape view.This might be the alternate design if a foldable smartphone doesn’t work as expected.

As per the patent diagrams, the smartphone comes with the display on top of the primary display which is having thinner bezels and comes with lower screen size than the primary display.Probably the device cannot be used on single hand when enlarged and might not be comfortable to use.

At the back, we have the single rear camera with buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume which is not visible.Probably the device might come with on-screen navigation similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.Sadly, there is no fingerprint scanner shown in the above-leaked drawings.So we are not sure whether Samsung will ever launch such a device in the future.