Samsung is been losing its market share to other Chinese smartphone manufacturers in countries like China and India so to keep the competition strong Samsung is now planning to introduce new mid-tier devices with rigid Infinity displays.

As per the Investor, Samsung is now planning to introduce the rigid Infinity display one found on recently launched Samsung Galaxy A8+ to mid-range smartphones.Not just that, they might even sell the rigid Infinity displays to another smartphone OEM’s.

Samsung Galaxy A8 and Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus

The difference¬†between the flexible and rigid Infinity display is with Flexible Infinity displays one found on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S8 where OEM can make thinner bezels and even make the display slightly curve on the edges whereas the Rigid Infinity displays which are found on Samsung Galaxy A8 have slightly thicker bezels and can’t have curved screen.

As per Investor, we might soon able to see many Samsung upcoming mid-range devices sporting the new Infinity displays on devices like the upcoming A-series like the Galaxy A5 and A7 or even the Samsung popular J-series devices.There is still no information available regarding from when Samsung will make the new rigid infinity displays available for the smartphones OEM.