Samsung is now planning to launch the smart glasses which is rumoured to be called the Samsung Gear Glass.As per the reports, the Samsung Gear Glass is rumoured to come with more advanced features than the Google Glass.

Samsung Gear Glass

As per the listing on KIPRIS, Samsung has filed trademark of the new logo for the upcoming smart glasses.The new logo does it all and makes us think that Samsung might be working on the Google Glass-like smart glass.

As per the trademark, the new logo does not find any relation to the current portfolio of Samsung devices and may be used for alleged Samsung Gear Glass.As per the KIPRIS filing, it clearly states that the device is smart eyewear which includes a camera which will help to capture or process the image or display the image.

With the above statement clears the doubt and probably Samsung is working on the Smart Glasses.We are still not sure about the new Samsung Gear Glass will ever make its way to the markets or not as Samsung has just filed trademark and it might take some more time.