Exynos 9810

Samsung today officially made an announcement about the 2018 lineup of Exynos SoC.Earlier we had got some rumours about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be powered by the 7nm chipset and also we Samsung had officially launched the next Exynos 9810 which is built on second gen 10nm LPP SoC.

Earlier Samsung claimed that the 8nm chipset is ready to enter production with recently launched the Exynos 9810 which are built on 10nm LPP process at the new factory S3 in South Korea.But now Samsung has released an official statement that 7nm FinFET process with EUV will not be launched this year.The new 7nm FinFET process with EUV chipset is also been manufactured at same plant with S3.

Samsung Exynos

So with this statement, we can expect that Samsung will instead push the 8nm built chipset later this year.So sadly, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might probably come with Exynos 9810 or the new 8nm chipset.With TSMC manufacturing the 7nm chipset forApple A12 SoC upcoming Apple iPhones, Samsung is still far behind to heat up the competition.

It is also mentioned that Samsung will provide the new 8nm and 11 nm chipset instead of 7nm chipset this year.The industry analyst further claimed that the Samsung 8nm process is the relaxed version of the 7nm process chipset using multiple patterning.The statement means that Samsung starts  7nm process chipset production it will be more powerful chipset when compared with other brands 7nm chipsets and will be equivalent to upcoming 8nm process in terms of performance.

Samsung upcoming 7nm process will have an additional advantage as it will come with Samsung’s EUV lithography over the TSMC 7nm process SoC.Which might be the reason Apple might return to Samsung for their future SoC.Anyway, Samsung new 8nm SoC will now be equivalent to TSMC 7nm processor as per the new rumours.