Qualcomm has recently announced the SD845 SoC for 2018 flagship devices and will soon get many devices powering the latest chip from Qualcomm.Earlier we had few rumours about Qualcomm planning to launch their next chipset built on the 7nm process and will be called the SD855. Today, we have new leaks which claim that Qualcomm will launch the next chip as SD850.


As per a report by PC Mag, Qualcomm is planning to launch a dedicated SoC for Windows connected devices with SD850 SoC later this year.The new SD850 will be a slightly improved version of SD845 chip and the term 50 stands for the recently launch Qualcomm X50 modem which supports 5G networks.

As AT&T suggested that they are planning to launch the 5G devices by end of 2018 but it will be 5G plug and play modem as there is no 5G enable smartphone available yet.Due to the size of the X50 modem, Qualcomm won’t able to put the modem on smartphone and will be targetting PC and tablets and also few laptops might feature the SD850 chip-enabled with 5G.

Qualcomm will finally launch the 5G enabled X50 modem on SD855 especially for smartphones by mid-2019.