Motorola Borderless Flexible OLED display

Motorola has recently filed a patent for its borderless Flexible OLED display. After Samsung, LG, Oppo its now time for Motorola entering the next version of displays with foldable displays.

Motorola has filed patents with WIPO on Aug 3, 2016, and was published on the website on Feb 8.As per patents, we can see the series of images showing the alleged flexible OLED display with almost no bezels.The images show the foldable smartphone with the borderless display.

As per the patent, the Motorola version of the flexible display will have dead pixels on the edges of the device which includes circuit components.The device will have the dead pixel located on behind the frame which will make more space for other necessary components.

Motorola has also applied for without dead pixel OLED panels, which will help to make the borderless OLED display.Motorola will be using the higher version of OLED with Heterogenous pixel structure instead of Active OLED which will make the larger pixels and more complexity to be controlled differently than the smaller pixels with lower complexity.

The above patents can also be applied to flexible displays and one can make the smartphone to a tablet with the help of flex sensors.With using OLED panel without dead pixel can enlarge the image beyond the edge of the device and will also have a cutout for the camera, earpiece and sensor.