LG Tri-fold display smartphone

Earlier we had got few patent leaked which showed us the foldable display smartphones from LG and today we have got some new patents filed by LG for its thin Tri-fold display smartphone.

LG had applied a patent for tri-fold display smartphone in Dec 2014 and was approved by WIPO in November 2017 after a long wait for three years and without any rejection.The phone looks similar to paper leaflet when folded outwards.It comes with three paper-like thin display which can be folded to turn into a single display and when opened it will enlarge the three displays.

As per the patents, the first two screens of the device looks similar to ZTE Axon M but will vary in terms of thickness and hinges doesn’t cover at the front instead can be visible only at the back of the device.The tri-display comes with many functions when closed the two display comes under the primary display whereas the middle screen comes with a home button.All the three screens are touch-enabled and as of now, there are no details about the specs of the device.

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