Apple stylus

Apple launched the stylus with iPad Pro which had some basic features like drawing on the screen and was limited only to iPad Pro.Now Apple has filed a new patent for a stylus which will work on any device and even on any surface.

As per the patent documents, Apple has filed a patent with WIPO which not even works on any surface but even in mid-air.As per application, Apple has mentioned “Content Creation Using Electronic Input Device on Non-Electronic Surfaces,” which suggest that it uses motion tracking tech which helps the user to write on any surface.

Apple stylus

Apart from that Apple has also included force-sensitive nib at the bottom of the stylus to record the taps and strokes and will allow the user to move the pen around the 3D space which helps the artist to draw the 3D design.It basically uses the front camera to track the movements.Which means that if you draw a 3D object in mid-air it will directly appear on your laptop screen.

So, we can see such a stylus in coming years so that one can easily make 3D drawings. Hope Apple launches the stylus as soon as possible.