Advance S-Pen features

Samsung is on roll with series of the patent filing for their upcoming foldable smartphone, now we have the patents filed for the Advance S-Pen features for their Note-series smartphone.

As per WIPO, Samsung has filed the new patents for S-Pen in the month of Sept 2017 and the same patent was earlier filed with USPTO in 2014.As per documents, the new features will now allow users to choose the whether to run an app or to do some actions using S-Pen or fingers or even both.

It also comes with a new UI which allow creating a memo and one can erase the letter using a finger.Apart from using a finger to erase word you can even perform certain actions like double tap, long tap, pinch-in and pinch out, scroll, and flick.

With new S-Pen one can use the end of the S-Pen as eraser similar to Microsoft stylus.All the above gestures can be performed on any LCD, AMOLED, flexible displays.You can even change the thickness, colours and transparency using finger as well as S-Pen.The above-mentioned features might come with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9.