Wifi on board

Broadband India Forum (BIF) warmly lauded the recommendations released by sector regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on In-flight Connectivity and said that they enhance broadband access for the consumers while on the move inside the aeroplane.

“BIF supports the recommendations completely and believes that this will largely benefit the air travellers over India, enable people in the aircraft to connect with their near & dear ones,  improve overall productivity for business travellers,  lead to additional revenues for the service providers and the government besides bringing about socio-economic benefits to all.

“BIF warmly welcomes these progressive recommendations by Trai on In-Flight Connectivity and believes that this would be very beneficial to the consumers. Inflight connectivity and access to the Internet is available today in many parts of the world. We are somewhat behind other countries.  More than 10,000 domestic and international flights go across India every day carrying more than 10Lakh travelers over the Indian airspace who would now have access to broadband connectivity. We laud the authority for making these forward looking recommendations in such a short span of time and urge the DOT for an early acceptance and implementation of these recommendations in co-ordination with MoCA ( Ministry of Civil Aviation ) .” TV Ramachandran, President Broadband India Forum said.

The suggestions, according to Mr. Ramachandran were strongly in favour of consumers and in the overall interest of the travelling public, and constitute a very good foundation for Digital India.

While welcoming the TRAI Recommendations for enabling opening up of a new sector for the Indian economy and  that too without artificial restrictions and for both the services – WIFI , internet and mobile telephony inside the aircraft, BIF also lauds the Regulator for the recommendations to have also protected India’s security interests through a  need to have a Gateway in India irrespective of the use of Indian or Foreign satellite in providing the service.

The proposed  light-touch regime of  Registration for an Indian or foreign “IFC Service provider” who would provide internet services within the airplane, with backhaul to the aircraft being provided by an Indian licensee would perhaps encourage quick deployment of  this service as it would combine global expertise which is  already available to the Indian aviation industry and the service roll out readiness of the Indian Service Providers  who would get to service this market.