JDI glass-based capacitive fingerprint scanner

JDI the well-known display manufacturer has now launched something innovative product with a glass-based capacitive fingerprint scanner, especially for Android smartphones, laptops, and other consumer electronics.After Synaptics launching they’re under display fingerprint scanner now we have a competitor entering the race.

JDI glass-based capacitive fingerprint scanner

The new glass-based fingerprint scanner is developed by JDI in partnership with Toshiba, Hitachi, and Sony.It will be made available to all third-party OEM’s by end of March 2019.We can expect Sony will use the new fingerprint scanner on their flagship devices.

With JDI commercialising the fingerprint scanner which is great decision to keep in touch with the current tech trends as fingerprint scanner now been used in many smartphones and other consumer electronics for biometric authentication.The new sensor can also be used to lock and unlock the doors.The new glass-based capacitive fingerprint scanner comes within the display which acts as a touchscreen similar to any other smartphone display.

The new¬†glass-based capacitive fingerprint scanner can also be integrated with LCD displays too which Synaptic based under display scanner can’t be integrated and requires OLED display to function.