Huawei WiFi Q2

After Google launching its Google Wifi mesh last year now we have world’s leading network solution brand Huawei launching a similar product called Huawei WiFi Q2 at CES 2018.

Huawei WiFi Q2

Huawei WiFi Q2 comes bundled with four packages when up for sale and each package contains single router.One can either buy single router called the satellite in the mesh network or can opt for three packages which include a single base router with two satellite routers or hybrid three pack.

The first two packages will operate speed up to 1GBPS whereas the satellite router will have speeds up to 1867 Mbps.As per Huawei, one can make 16 wifi units into a single mesh which can connect up to 192 devices on the single system which might help corporate and office.

The new Huawei WiFi Q2 comes with anti-brute algorithm along with Wifi encryption and password protection.As of now, there are no details regarding pricing and availability.