Qualcomm finally unveiled the latest top of the line SoC with SD845 SoC this month in Hawaii.Now we have some new reports which claim that the successor to the SD845 will be called as SD855 and will be manufactured by TSMC.


The SD855 will be launched in late 2018 and might be powering some Android flagship in early 2019.Now, Qualcomm is changing its supplier to TSMC for making the SD855 SoC as per reports.Earlier we also had reports claiming the Qualcomm will no longer work with Samsung and has partnered with TSMC for its rumored 7nm process SoC.

Qualcomm SD855 will still have the Qualcomm made internet modems but as per other source confirm that it will be integrated with mid-range chips and entry-level Qualcomm powered mobile devices which called SD200 series.

Qualcomm is expected to return to Samsung again in lates 2019 to develop the rumored 7nm process SoC with Extreme Ultraviolet as TSMC was unable to make the 7nm process by 2018 as per executive.Samsung 2019 SoC with 7nm EUV process are more power efficient and will not be commercialized earlier than 2022.The first 7nm process SoC will not be based on the EUV.